Corporate Office

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Greg Hardin
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Wes Hardin
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Robin Murphy
Senior Director of Specialty Toy Sales
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Steve Starobinsky
VP Marketing & Product Development
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Kim Kramer
Director of Gift & Sports Sales
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Ben Killberg
VP Sales, Strategic Accounts
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Cindy Owens
National Showroom Coordinator
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Lisa Wiggins
Account Manager
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Jennifer Morgan
Senior Key Account Manager
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Ryan Fry
Retail Specialist/Account Manager
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Jana Inman
Account Manager
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Debbie Almond
Key Account Manager
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Audi Ashton
Specialty Business Operations
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Marcia Chelf
Atlanta Showroom Manager
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Kim Anderson
Minneapolis Showroom Manager
Tracy Barber
Executive Assistant
Chelsea Bogue
Specialty Toy Sales Coordinator
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Pat Brennan
Gift & Specialty/Key accounts Rep - VA
Teresa Goedrich
Gift and Sport Sales Assistant
Haylie Hardin
Marketing Coordinator
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Alex Hodge
Sales Manager, Key Account Division
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Bailey Kinney
Specialty Toy Sales Manager
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Andrea Marrero-Colon
Accounts Receivable Assistant
Marcela Mendoza
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Tamre Sutphen
Target - Key Accounts
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Kari VeZain
Gift & Sports Sales Manager & Gift Territory Manager- Central Illinois
Joy Villavicencio

Gift Representatives

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Randy Tenery
Key Account Manager, Sports & Gifts
Gary Adamski
Gift Territory Manager - Upstate New York
Meghan Anderson
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Southern Oregon
Eric Bardet
Gift Territory Manager - Southern Florida
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Dana Barnes
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - MD, VA, WV, Washington, DC
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Suzanne Boggess
Gift Territory Manager- San Antonio / Southern Texas
Shelby Borello
Toy & Gift Territory Manager
Sheridan Briskman
Gift Territory Manager - South Alabama & Florida Panhandle
Barb Brown
Gift Territory Manager - Ohio
Frank Brown
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - North CA Coast/ Greater CA Bay Area / OR
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Nat Brusiloff
Sports Territory Manager West Texas/New Mexico
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Nat Brusiloff
Gift,Toy & Sports Territory Manager- West Texas/ Southern New Mexico
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Brenda Carney
Gift Territory Manager - Iowa
Cheryl Caywood
Gift & Toy Territory Manager- Michigan
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Rhonda Cohen
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - Indiana / Upper Kentucky
Ron Dukes
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Alaska
Holly Eldelstein
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - Hawaii Islands
Melinda Erpelding
Gift Territory Manager - Nebraska
Jeff Falk
Gift Territory Manager - Central New Jersey/Philadelphia, PA
Mark Fox
Gift Territory Manager - Northern NJ/Southern NY
Tiffany Funston
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - N. Orange County / Los Angeles / Central CA
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Alyssa George
Gift Territory Manager- Dallas/East & Central Texas
Keith Goldberg
Gift Territory Manager - Brooklyn/Bronx
McKenzi Halcomb
Gift Territory Manager - Kentucky
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Tyler Hardin
Key Accounts Manager West Coast
Barbara Hardy
Gift Territory Manager - Southern New Jersey
Jan Hatch
Toy & Gift Territory Sales Manager - Arizona / New Mexico
Ken Hatch
Toy & Gift Territory Sales Manager - Utah / Idaho
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Kerri Hunter
Gift & Sports Territory Manager- Oklahoma
Kristin Janger
Gift Territory Manager - Houston
Heather Jichi
Gift Territory Manager- Austin
Ed Kalmus
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Eastern NY / Southern CT
Stephen Kaufmann
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - DE, MD, Southern NJ, & Central PA
Rich Kleinert
Gift Territory Manager - Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Krasnow
Gift & Toy Territory Manager Western Pennsylvania
Kris Kreuser
Gift Territory Manager - Northern & Southern IL
Sandra Lewis
Dallas Showroom Manager
Chris Lopez
Gift Territory Manager - CA
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Sherry Low
Gift Territory Manager- Fort Worth
Stevie Mann
Gift Territory Manager - Louisiana & Mississippi Coast
Deby Monteiro
Gift Territory Manager - Central Florida
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Tracie Morrow
Gift Territory Manager- Central Texas, Hill Country, San Antonio, South Texas
Mike Mulligan
Gift Territory Manager - NE Upstate NY
Joyce Nelson
Gift & Sports Territory Manager - Arkansas
Wendy Nichols
Gift Territory Manager - North/Central Alabama & Mississippi
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Barb Olson
Toy & Gift Territory Manager- Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Sandie Paradiso
Sales Representative
Marcia Peters
Toy & Gift Territory Manager- Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois
Melanie Phemister
Gift Territory Manager - South Carolina
Marlene Price
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Sacramento/Northern Nevada/San Joaquin Valley
Sarah Reynolds
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - Northeast
Susan Ritter
Gift Territory Manager - E. Pennsylvania
Jane Rozman
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Wisconsin
Tammy Santos
Toy & Gift Sales Territory Manager - Colorado, Wyoming, & Montana
Jeff Saunders
Gift Territory Manager- Virginia & West Virginia
Jo Lynn Shelton
Gift Territory Manager - Tennessee
Elkan Sklan
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Jamie Skoumal
Key Account Manager
Michele Smith
Gift Territory Manager - North Carolina
Bill St. John
Regional Sales Manager West Coast
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Kristen Thakur
Gift Territory Manager- Georgia
Paula Tinsley
Gift & Toy Territory Manager - Kansas/Missouri
Laura Weaver
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Washington
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Stacie Weeks
Gift Territory Manager- Houston, Texas
Craig Whitley
Toy & Gift Territory Manager - Northern Oregon


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